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Have you been dismissed from your job unjustly? Do you feel that racial, gender, or age discrimination was at hand? Do you feel you were fired due to malice? Have you been a victim of sexual harassment or bullying on the job? Or, perhaps you have been laid off and were not provided with a sufficient severance package. Whatever the reason, Weekend Lawyers has been mediating labour and employment conflicts between unions, employees, and managers since its inception.

For instance, we can resolve issues pertaining to unemployment insurance. We have dealt with companies who decided to play hard ball with their employees and deny them what was rightfully theirs. In addition, we have forced negligent companies-who were endangering their employees' lives and welfare- to improve their work environments so that they met all safety and sanitation statues in the Toronto ON area.

Furthermore, Weekend Lawyers will fight to the bitter end to ensure that wages are sufficient for our clients and that they receive the financial compensation they deserve (i.e., overtime pay, wage equity). As for our senior clients in Toronto ON , we will also ensure that they receive the exact retirement pension funds that they were promised on day one, guaranteed. Regardless of the issue, Weekend Lawyers Law Firm of distinguished and dedicated lawyers have been rectifying labour disputes on a national, and municipal level. For instance, we have resolved labour disputes with multinational conglomerates as well as small starter companies with as few as 10 employees. Irrespective of the size of the company, Weekend Lawyers treats all of our Toronto ON clients with an equal amount of dedication and respect. Moreover, our rates are highly competitive and we charge on a sliding scale to ensure that proper representation is available to all. Hence, whether you are having problems pertaining to employee benefits, safety, or harassment Weekend Lawyers will defend you with every means at our disposal to ensure that justice is met swiftly and effectively.