About Weekend Lawyers in North York

At Weekend Lawyers, we represent a diverse spectrum of individuals, families and companies living, working and doing business in North York. Our reputable services cover a wide selection of specialized practice areas. We represent clients on the municipal, state and international field, providing highly customized law advice to you when you need it.

The breadth of our experience gives us the unique background you need to produce the best possible outcome, under the law. We take the time to evaluate and explore your options, presenting you with actionable strategy options, and ferociously defending your goals, best interest, freedoms, rights and entitlements.

Our Offices

Our local law offices are conveniently located and easily accessible. We provide a safe environment that is relaxed and comfortable, allowing you to feel at ease exploring the potential legal routes available to you. In the event that you cannot be available to meet with us, we make it a priority to meet at a place and time that works better for you.

A Customized Law Solution

We have years of combined experience representing clients of all varieties both in and out of the courtroom. Our ability to tailor law solutions that provide actionable resolutions to difficult situations is a direct result of our intimate knowledge of the law, and our dedication to clients like you. We’ll keep you informed when things get overwhelming, ensuring you are comfortable with the decisions you are making.

Litigation is a resource intensive process that leaves the fate of your claim in the hands of a judge or jury who are not intimately familiar with you and the circumstances surrounding your case. It is our mandate to explore all possible avenues before pursuing litigation on your behalf. Our dispute resolution and top negotiation experts work tirelessly to expedite results and save you time and money.

Aggressive Protection of Your Rights and Interests

Facing criminal charges, responding to family disputes, and protecting your civil interests is difficult, time-consuming and stressful when you feel like you are on your own. Selecting the right lawyers for the job can mean the difference between achieving an outcome that contributes to your goals, or receiving a ruling that bears negative consequences and creates long-lasting barriers for you.

When you work with us, we put our unique background to use for you in identifying opportunities in law and providing an impenetrable barrier of legal protection.

Our Commitment to You

We believe that a good client relationship rests on our ability to perform, and be there to support you through a myriad of complex legal matters, no matter what. Our North York law team gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on conducting your daily activities, while we handle the legal obstacles and obligations you are facing. 

If you, your business or someone you love is making tough legal decisions requiring the expertise and compassions of North York’s top recommended lawyers, call us today to book a no-obligation consultation.