Immigration Lawyer in Richmond Hill

Weekend Lawyers provide top immigration law assistance to individuals and their families who are looking to make a new home in Richmond Hill. When you are leaving your home to settle in a new country regardless of the reason, navigating the complexities of foreign local laws, without the informed guidance of a specialist, can be confusing, intimidating and can end up taking a lot longer than necessary.

We make understanding and maneuvering through bureaucratic red tape much easier by explaining the process at each interval, and ensuring you have submitted all supporting documentation correctly and in a timely manner. Our firm has years of first-hand experience protecting your rights and removing barriers for new citizens.

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Green Card?

Becoming a permanent, legal resident of the United States starts with obtaining a green card that grants you access to renewable citizenship for a period of ten years. Once you possess this status, you must remain in good legal standing for a period of up to five years before you can apply for naturalization. A person may become eligible for a green card through several different avenues:

  1. Marriage
  2. Employment
  3. Family
  4. Investment

In all of the above cases (except marriage 3-5 years), a person must be in good legal standing for five years before becoming eligible for naturalization. Naturalization is the final stage in the process of becoming an official citizen of the United States of America.

We Explain Each Step of Your Green Card Application in Full Detail

As a foreign national, the application process may seem daunting and insurmountable on your own. Don’t lose hope. We are top-rated experts who are well respected in our field. We put our decades of immigration law experience to good use helping folks all over the world, like you, successfully complete their green card application process.

Immigration Help—Here When You Need Us

There are a number of reasons to turn to a qualified legal source for immigration help. From communication difficulties to running into problems by overstaying a previously granted visa, we are here to provide you with the comprehensive immigration help you need to make the most informed choices for you and your family.

Why Partner With a US Immigration Lawyer?

Hiring an immigration lawyer on our Richmond Hill team gives you confidence you need to be sure your application represents you fairly, and your rights are protected by years of experience navigating the immigration process.

Why is it important to hire an immigration lawyer who specializes in the unique complexities of green card acquisition? With hundreds of thousands of applications being submitted each year, the United States remains the most popular immigration destination on the planet. With so many applicants, it’s easy to feel like yours will be lost in the system, especially if it does not contain each piece of the required information.

To book an appointment for a consultation with our Richmond Hill immigration law pros, give us a call or stop by our local office today.