Bankruptcy Attorney in Toronto

Weekend Lawyers trustees know what it’s like to feel crushed under the weight of debt and aggressive creditors in Toronto. We offer relief to families, businesses and individuals, helping you to understand and complete the many documents required for a fast and successful application.

Do You Qualify for Bankruptcy Exemptions?

Federal and state bankruptcy exemptions offer some protection on assets you can use when you wipe the slate clean, starting your financial journey anew. The amount you can qualify for varies by state, with state bankruptcy exemptions differing from federal options. The two cannot be combined. Here are some of the most common bankruptcy exemptions:

  1. Household residence/homestead exemption
  2. Property Assets—cars, clothes, and jewelry
  3. Supportive benefits—child support and health necessities
  4. Wildcard—a specific amount, varied by state, that contributes to financial productivity

What is Discharged Bankruptcy?

Discharged bankruptcy is the best part of the process. A discharge requires the completion of all documentation and court orders, to receive in full. The length of time it takes for discharged bankruptcy to be complete depends on which chapter you file for, and the number of times you have declared bankruptcy in the past. Chapter 7 usually takes four months when it is your first time, and Chapter 13 can take up to, but no more than five years. This is dependent on the repayment schedule you have agreed to.

Navigating Federal Bankruptcy Law

Federal Bankruptcy law governs all aspects of the declaration and ruling process, as well as bankruptcy court procedures and outcomes. Most of the time, state laws also apply to things like exempt property. We’ve helped hundreds of people gain comprehensive access to the information and documents they need, to understand how federal bankruptcy law works for you.

Top Local Bankruptcy Attorney

Communication is key when you’re searching for a qualified local bankruptcy attorney. We are here to understand your unique circumstances, organize your financial information, prepare you to file, and give you dependable financial guidance throughout the whole process. Let us build a barrier between you and the creditors harassing you and your family.

How Do Bankruptcy Lawyers Help?

First and foremost, we listen. Our top bankruptcy lawyers know every situation is different.  Gaining a full understanding of your complete financial profile gives us the ability to develop actionable solutions that can be put in place quickly. We are among the most highly recommended bankruptcy lawyers in the state, for a good reason.

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the process by which individuals and business can choose to use a trustee to liquidate all but protected assets, using the profits to eliminate debt. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common course of action, and is the fasted method used to discharge debts. The types of debt typically covered by Chapter 7 bankruptcy are credit card debt, medical and utility bills, leases and personal loans. Take the means test with us to determine if this is the right choice for you.   

Determining Eligibility for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Is Chapter 13 bankruptcy the right fit for your current situation and future financial goals? We’ll help you explore and understand your options so you can choose to protect your Toronto home from foreclosure, establish a debt repayment schedule that works for you, and keep creditors from contacting you as soon as you file.

To explore the benefits of bankruptcy law with an experienced local professional, call our Toronto offices to set up an appointment today.