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Weekend Lawyers Child Custody And Child Support

Child custody and support are among the most emotionally difficult aspects of divorce. Some former couples can easily agree to a custody and access arrangement; for others, it is much more difficult - and the child is caught in the middle. Child custody lawyers at Toronto’s Weekend Lawyers represent parents who are in the midst of a relationship breakdown and need legal advocacy to secure their rights.If you need experienced guidance and advocacy regarding these sensitive issues, contact us today to schedule a free consultation at our Toronto office.

Ongoing Issues For Child Custody And Support

Weekend Lawyers advocates for fathers and mothers who want to maintain an active role in the lives of their children. Each family is different, and the solutions we offer are unique to each one. We deal with each and every issue that may arise in the context of a divorce, when a long-term relationship changes or a same-sex marriage ends.

Custody, access and support are separate issues:

  • Child support amounts are standardized in Ontario and are based on income.
  • Custody refers to where children live and who makes decisions about important issues such as religion, education and medical treatment. A child may reside primarily with one parent, for example, but both parents may make medical care decisions jointly.
  • The parent who does not normally live with the child may have rights of access to spend time with the children.

For some children, advocating for full custody by one parent is right; for others, it is in the children’s best interests for custody to be shared between co-parents. Ultimately, the courts will favour what is the best arrangement for the children.

Negotiating And Modifying Custody And Support

Custody, access and support arrangements may change over time. Specifically, support may be modified if factors affect the economic situation of the paying parent. Custody and access arrangements may change for a number of reasons, including if one parent wants to move with the child.

Negotiating or resolving access or support modifications can be done through direct negotiation with the assistance of legal counsel, or through the Ontario court system. Weekend Lawyers tailors its solutions to the specific needs of its clients and their children. Regardless of the legal forum, we provide reliable advice and advocacy so our clients can achieve the best arrangement for their families.

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