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Weekend Lawyers offers comprehensive wills and estates services in Toronto. We can help you draft detailed documents that accurately capture your wishes. Our lawyers offer estate planning services and advise estate administrators in Ontario on their legal and ethical responsibilities.As respected civil litigators, we also represent clients in will disputes, both in defence of estate provisions as well as challenging the estate documents. To speak with us about your estate planning and litigation needs, please do not hesitate to contact us today and schedule a free consultation at our Toronto office.

Full Services For Wills And Estates

Our wills and estates practice is comprised of the following services:

  • Estate planning: Everyone, regardless of his or her individual wealth, is usually advised to have a comprehensive estate plan. This includes not only a will, but powers of lawyer for finances and personal care, as well as other legal tools - such as trusts - to meet a person’s individual objectives. At Weekend Lawyers, our lawyers help clients to identify their estate planning goals and recommend legal tools to meet them.
  • Estate administration: Those named in wills as estate executors, also known as estate administrators, are held to a high standard of conduct by law. They must act ethically to execute the terms of the estate as the will-maker wanted and meet several legal obligations. This is challenging work for family members who may be grieving a significant personal loss. We provide assistance by helping executors to complete their relevant tasks and advising them on their legal responsibilities.
  • Estate litigation: Estate litigation occurs usually after a person passes, and a beneficiary is dissatisfied with the terms of the will. Legal action might also be commenced by a person who has been unfairly excluded from a will. There are many legal bases on which to challenge a will or claim a portion of the estate, about which our legal counsel can provide more information. Will challenges, for example, may be brought on the basis that a loved one was unfairly influenced to write the will a certain way, or was not of sufficient mental capacity when he or she did so.

Our firm partner, Joseph Lo Greco, is fluent in Italian and English, and is therefore able to provide confidential counsel to Italian speakers without the assistance of an outside translator.

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