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Aurora Post-Divorce Modifications & Variation

When a couple divorces, arrangements are made for sharing custody and the payment of spousal support and child support. However, changes in financial circumstances can necessitate a revision of those initial divorce terms. Life changes may also necessitate a revision of child custody, in particular if one parent wants to move or take other steps that will affect the other parent’s access.Legal counsel at Aurora’s Weekend Lawyers represents clients in legal proceedings to vary terms of custody or support, or to challenge a proposed variance. To discuss your unique needs and situation with an experienced post-divorce modifications lawyer in Aurora at our firm, contact us today and schedule a no-cost consultation.

Changing The Terms Of Custody Or Support

Child support amounts are based on a parent’s income and strictly regulated by Ontario law. However, when income changes due to job loss, wage reductions or a decrease in self-employment earnings, it is possible to apply to have the amount of child support payments reduced.

Child custody and access arrangements are often established soon after a couple separates. Legal challenges may be launched against changes to a parent’s place of residence. For example, one parent moves to a different province for a new job, which in turn affects the other parent’s ability to spend time with the child. If parents can agree on the proposed changes, a modification to the custody order is possible. If they cannot agree, it may be necessary to go through the court system.

In issues of custody and support, the law favours arrangements that make paramount the best interests of the children and not what is most convenient for the parents. Differences in opinion over support payments, mobility and access can therefore lead to exacerbated conflict. The lawyers at Weekend Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to assess what a judge might view to be an acceptable compromise and pursue it on the clients' behalf.

At Weekend Lawyers, we are sensitive to the difficult nature of family law issues. Continued co-parenting often leads to legal issues that must be addressed. We help clients to come to resolution in the legal forum that works best in their circumstances, be it out-of-court negotiation or with the assistance of a judge.

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Our Aurora lawyers facilitate post-divorce modifications for clients seeking changes and those who want to fight them. For child support modifications in Aurora, call us at (416) 545-9605 or send us an email to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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