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Divorce is disruptive and emotional. Its legal aspects are best settled quickly. Lawyers at Weekend Lawyers focus on removing obstacles to resolution, so parties can move on without prolonged conflict. Our Ontario litigators will fight for your interests in court if necessary; often, however, negotiation can achieve the same result and is preferred by our clients.

We have helped Toronto families achieve expedient and fair resolution to their divorces for more than two decades. Our lawyers focus on finding creative options and solutions that fit your needs and goals. We are seasoned advisers for all issues you must resolve with your spouse, including property division, child custody, child support and spousal support. To discuss your situation with us during a free consultation, contact us today.

Choosing The Dissolution Process That Best Fits Your Needs

Divorce is very personal and affects every part of a person’s life. We often advise our clients to participate in immediate mediation to help them achieve a settlement as quickly as possible with their spouse. We stand with clients throughout the process and represent the full scope of their interests, legally and personally.

Many divorces can be settled by way of judicial case conference — as opposed to court — in a matter of months. This can limit the detrimental effects of protracted divorce proceedings on our clients and their children. When issues are resolved expediently and fairly, everyone can become settled into the new living arrangements and financial responsibilities more quickly.

Sometimes, going to court is the right option for our clients. When mediation or negotiation is simply not effective or appropriate, we are strong advocates before a judge. Our courtroom skills are used in all stages of family litigation, including the initial divorce settlement, as well as post-divorce modifications or variations in the months and years following.

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